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CP Kids Adapted Bike Program

Our 2018 Adapted Bike Program is now closed due to capacity.  Click here to register for the waitlist. 


Light up a Childs Life from Harder Brothers Productions on Vimeo.

Registration for the Fall & Spring Adapted Bike Programs are now open. 

Step 1

Join our organization! Become a member and fill out the online form here.

Step 2

Our bike clinics are full.  From time to time we may have a bike that may be suitable for your child.  Click here to register for the waitlist.

Step 3

You will be contacted with an appointment time to trial an adapted bike..

Step 4

Attend the bike trial appointment, with your child, AFO's and a helmet, where we will determine the ideal bike for your child. If you currently have one of our adapted bikes, you will need to bring it in with you. You will not be taking home a bike today.

Step 5

When your child's bike is ready, we will contact you to come in and refit the bike. We will make any necessary adjustments, and ask you to sign our 1 year adapted bike loan agreement, and pay the $75 Loan Fee. Take the bike home and enjoy.

Please note: Families may be eligible for fees to be waived if they are experiencing financial hardship due to exceptional circumstances.  Please contact Sheralee Stelter at 403-205-4935 or via email to discuss.

Click here to view our 2013 Adaptive Bike Clinic Video  Cerebral Palsy Kids and Families (CPKF) has hosted the Adaptive Bike Clinic for over 15 years. It is our flagship program that allows us to build community awareness, grow membership and cultivate partnerships with businesses and other non-profit agencies throughout Calgary. We are very proud of having lit up the lives of over 325 children who get to experience the joy of riding a bike. At the annual spring Adaptive Bike Clinic, CPKF members needing a specialized bicycle are fitted for an appropriately sized bicycle and the necessary special adaptations for each child’s particular physical needs and challenges. Adapted bicycles range from $500 to $5,000 per bike, depending on adaptations and physical needs of each child.

The motor abilities of many children with cerebral palsy are severely affected due to brain damage, but customized adaptations like special seats, side wheels, raised foot plates and specialized handle bars can help keep a special needs child balanced and in control of a bike. Our Adaptive Bike Clinic ensures specialized and adapted bicycles make it into the hands of children who have to overcome physical challenges and would not otherwise be able to ride a bike.

In 2016, we saw  over 192 children with cerebral palsy and other physical disabilities between the ages of 3 – 17 years attend our annual Adaptive Bike Clinic and apply to the CPKF program for an adapted bicycle. The full CPKF Adaptive Bike Program requires approximately $90,000 annually to support all the children who apply for adaptive bike funding. For most of our member families, the financial cost of one of these bikes makes them unattainable. There is no government funding for recreation equipment like bicycles available to families, as there is for wheelchairs and other essential daily living devices. It is the goal of the CPKF to fund the full cost of the adapted bicycles for all children.

The CPKF’s Adaptive Bike Clinic success is evident in the delighted look of pride when children with cerebral palsy are able to take part in neighborhood bike parades or just keep up with the other kids on the street. The positive effects of riding a bike are far reaching; it builds confidence, allows crucial participation in an activity embraced by families and by children who do not have disabilities, stretches and builds muscles, increases balance, promotes family wellness, but perhaps most importantly, simply allows children to have fun. Within the Calgary community, people are realizing that with specialized equipment, even severely disabled children can have the joy and benefits of riding a bicycle, thanks to the CPKF Adaptive Bike program. Special needs children riding a bicycle also make community members more aware about Cerebral Palsy and that children with motor difficulties can enjoy the physical, emotional, inclusive and wellness benefits of cycling, just like other typical kids.

In conjunction with the Adaptive Bike clinic we run a “recycled” adaptive bike program. As CPKF members outgrow their bikes, we invite other children’s disability organizations such as Autism Calgary, Ups and Downs, and Children’s Link Society the opportunity to receive one of our recycled adapted bikes at little or no cost. Funding a bike once, goes on to offer the same benefits to multiple special needs children for several years.

Our goal is to provide adaptive bicycles to special needs children in families that cannot afford to make this substantial purchase. Adapted bicycles can be very expensive, ranging in cost from $1200 to several thousand dollars depending on the severity of the child. Key benefits include:

  • Improved coordination, endurance, and cardiovascular fitness, & strength
  • Improved communication between the two hemispheres of the brain
  • A greater level of self-confidence and a greater sense of independence

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